Seat Covers Installation Guide

Front Seats:

1. Remove the headrest out of the seats. Install each of the headrest covers. On some cars & trucks, the headrest comes out by using a paper-clip and pushing into the hole in the plastic grommet located on the top of the seat. On most modern applications, just push the button on the bottom of the headrest to release it.

2. Inatall the back part of the seat covers from upper side downwards and stretch it. Accommodate the cover to the seat, watch the pattern of the seat and the nylon stitchings on the covers. There's a tab that reads ZEGA Designs, the tab should be facing outside the car.

3. Sitting part of the seat covers can be installed by using hooks provided with seat covers. After laying seat bottom, pull elastic with hook to left and right side of the seat, and tie under the seat cushiong to spring if possible, if not to each other. Some seats have electric controls; covers can be installed behind the plastic panel. On other models, the cover will cover the buttons but you'll be able to operate the power seats over the covers.

Rear Seats:

Rear Seat Covers installation is basically the same as the front seat covers installation. The only difference is the accessibility, or lack there of, to areas behind the backrest or cushion.

In most cases, the Rear Seat can be folded out, or removed all together for easier seat covers installation. The same is genarally true for the rear backrests as well. Once the cushion or backrest have been removed or folded out, the seat cover hooks and elastics can be installed.

* Please note that in most cases, the Rear Seats don't have to be removed to installed our seat covers properly.